About our site

The Gift Basket of Topsail Island is located 6 miles south of Surf City Traffic Light at the corner of Davis Ave. and Anderson Blvd at 702 S. Anderson Blvd, Topsail Beach, NC. This original building (circa 1949) was used as the Real Estate development office for J.G. Anderson and other various uses (including a barber shop) until 1973 when Louis and Mary Lou Muery established the Gift Basket.  In October of 2007, The Gift Basket of Topsail Island purchased the Topsail Island Trading Co. located in Surf City at 201 N. New River Drive.

We are a locally owned and operated-and the current owners reside on Topsail Island (as has every previous owner).  And we are proud to offer high quality Jewelry, Gifts, Tide and Nautical Clocks and Wind and Weather Instruments --- all moderately priced.  Your satisfaction is our mission.

If you find that you are not delighted with your purchase, simply return it.  You will receive 100 percent of the purchase price.  Some commonsense restrictions apply-see our Terms and Conditions for full details.